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People are always willing to complain but rarely do they say thanks for a job well done

Well I always compliment excellent service and today that is what I  got.

When my motor mover broke on the caravan on the first day of my holidays I was devastated.

I couldn't get anyone to come out and help.

It was only by chance someone told me to contact jrc solutions. I didn't even know you existed.

Well to cut a very long story short Richard Cowen came to my rescue.

He sorted out the motor mover so I could go on holiday only a day late.

When I asked him what could I do about my motor mover, he mentioned that they now made a totally automatic motor mover that meant I never needed to bend down and struggle to put my mover on again.

He arrived on time removed the old mover and fitted the new automatic mover. No fuss no bother and on only 1 cup of coffee.

He then explained how the system ran and what to about the different lights.

WHAT A STAR.  **************************************

So thanks Richard you get the 'star of the month' award for your patience, ability, product knowledge kind and friendly attitude and explaining how it worked clearly  and concise.

So many times I get spoken to in a very condescending voice as if I'm an idiot  because I'm a woman.

It was lovely to be treated as an ordinary customer.

Once again