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Enduro Mover EM 4444

Move your twin axle van with ease!

Simple to use remote control, directs the caravan into any position required. Rotate the caravan through 360° degrees. Works on most surfaces in most conditions. Control when going up or downhill, control when hitching, control when unhitching.

Supplied with complete fitting kit including all cables, clamps, p-clips, cable ties, chassis stops, convoluted cable trunking, control board and remote control.


Designation Enduro Mover EM 4444

Operational Voltage  12 Volt DC

Average Current Consumption  19 Ampere

Maximum Current Consumption  84 Ampere

Speed  11.45cm per sec.

Weight  40.94 Kg (including all fittings)

Safe Working Load (SWL)  2250Kg (twin motor) 3500Kg (quad motor)

Minimum Width (caravan/trailer)  1800mm

Maximum Width (caravan/trailer)  2400mm

Power Source (caravan leisure battery)  12V

Ego Mover

Manoeuvre your caravan with effortless precision with e-go electric remote control.

The e-go has been designed and developed without compromise. The concept was simple – to build a caravan mover with emphasis on uniting precision engineering and innovative product features – a winning combination that makes the e-go the perfect choice.


Designation  e-go Mover

Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC

Average Current Consumption 25 Ampere

Maximum Current Consumption 76 Ampere

Speed 12.34cm per sec.

Weight 37.28 Kg (including all fittings)

Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250Kg (twin motor) 3500Kg (quad motor)

Minimum Width (caravan/trailer) 1800mm

Maximum Width (caravan/trailer) 2400mm

Power Source (caravan leisure battery) 12V

The Quattro Control Unit…

A switchable and modular electronic control system suitable for enduro and e-go 2 & 4-wheel driven motor mover systems.

Modular means ‘flexible’…

Smart technology from one controller whatever make or model of caravan.

The perfect solution for your caravan mover system.

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From £799
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